Exciting Adventure Ideas for Kids


Kids are always looking for the next big adventure, whether they are planning a backyard camping expedition or looking forward to the upcoming season at camp. Nurturing their adventurous spirit with exciting activities pays off in the long run since taking safe risks allows kids to develop their self-confidence and learn important leadership skills. Yet, coming up with new ideas to fulfill a kid’s need for pushing their skills to the limit does get challenging as the years go by. This year, supplement their usual activities with these exciting adventures that will satisfy their drive for exploration.

Plan an Overnight Backpacking Trip

A hike in the wilderness is always a fun adventure, and you can take this activity to a new level by packing a backpack with enough gear to sleep outdoors overnight. Be sure to head out early enough that you can scout out a sleeping spot during the day. Then, enjoy watching your child adjust to sleeping outside in the dark. Watching as the sunrises over the scenic landscape in the morning will be the best reward for stepping out of their comfort zone.

Go White Water Rafting

Kids get excited anytime water enters the equation, and your kid will love getting soaked on a white-water rafting adventure. If your child is new to rafting, then check into a family-friendly tour or arrange for them to go with their group at summer camp. Learning how to work as a team to steer their raft through the rapids is enough adventure to satisfy even the biggest thrill-seeker in your family.

Learn How to Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is another water sport that often begins as a lesson taken out of curiosity at camp and turns into a lifelong pursuit. When an experienced instructor who is licensed in water safety gives lessons, you can also rest assured that your child will be safe. Usually, wakeboarding lessons begin on the land with kids learning hand signals and how to hold a proper stance on their board. Then, they build upon these skills once they hit the water until they can successfully perform tricks such as flips and jumps.

Tackle a Ropes Course

Ropes courses are a huge hit for kids, and they teach kids how to analyze new situations and conquer their fears. At first, most kids are hesitant to go to the highest parts of the course, and learning to trust their abilities is a big part of their adventure. Since each element of a ropes course gets progressively more challenging, kids stay in control over how far they decide to go. This allows kids to continue to reach new levels every time they visit the course. And the feeling of accomplishment they get when they conquer an element that scared them before makes the experience even more thrilling.

Getting the kids excited about a new adventure is always fun for the entire family. Since kids tend to embrace adventurous experiences with open arms, this is a great way to introduce new skills and cultivate desirable personality traits through the element of play. By keeping a few adventures in your bag of tricks, you can set your kid up for an experience that they will never forget.


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