Medical Cannabis Bill Approved by Georgia House Panel


A bill to legalize the use of medical cannabis under specific situations in Georgia was approved by the house committee, with a new stipulation to source this illegal plant.   

This bill was unanimously passed without any opposition. The state Rep. Allen Peake, House Bill 885’s sponsor told that they had tried to address the access issue that they evidently had by giving a cultivation choice at 5 medical research universities of Georgia.

The passing of this bill in the meeting that was conducted on Wednesday night prompted tears and hugs from families in the group of spectators whose kids’ experienced medical conditions that led to multiple seizures on a daily basis. These families believe that one kind of marijuana oil obtained from the cultivation of cannabis seeds could decrease the seizures and help in improving their kids’ life quality based on anecdotal proof seen in many places. They had been urging the policymakers to support this effort.  

The main aim of this bill is to give a safe seizure treatment choice supervised by the doctors to the families in Georgia, according to Peake. Still, the bill has to go through a floor vote for which it will be placed on the House calendar; if not, it will not be active any longer for the legislative session of this year.

A revised bill was presented by Peake at the committee, stating he had to deal with the fact that the federal rules presently ban conveying marijuana across state boundaries. The bill would not allow permitted academic medical institutions in the state to cultivate, process, and distribute medicinal marijuana, though considerable challenges are there, including the possible loss of federal sponsorship if an academic center chooses to take part in research involving a medicine not approved by the FDA.

Peake addressed the committee stating – “I am an optimist, and I do believe that as states like Georgia lead the way it will put some pressure on the federal level to make some changes. And it would be prudent for us to be ready for when those changes happen.”

This medicine would be prescribed for oral administration in liquid form. Peake has been obstinate that the doors for recreational cannabis seeds use would never be opened in the state. He told that marijuana oil has low-THC content, which is the active component that provides the high feel.  


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